'We can’t solve our problems
using the same thinking we
used when we created them'.

- Albert Einstein.

It’s time to think differently.
Welcome to Zizo.

Here at Zizo, we are leading the way in Edge analytics, bringing the power of years of experience and ground breaking technology to deliver insights on data, wherever it may be.

With the volume of data being created growing exponentially across all organisations, a new paradigm in data analysis tools was required. Zizo have created a suite of tools designed to meet the needs of the modern enterprise and support advanced tools such as AI & ML.

With experience in edge analytics & Artificial Intelligence, alongside traditional Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions, Zizo has the solution for you.


We are always looking for talented individuals with an interest in new technology to join our team. Give us a call today!



Zizo® works with industry specific insight partners who enable our clients to get more from their data. If that’s you then get in touch.



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