Zizo Enables Big Data Analytics for everyone.

Zizo lead the way in Big Data analytics and can deliver cloud analytics and data science as a service through our patented technology. 

With the ability to deliver solutions in days via our pattern database delivered as a service, we allow business users to discover new insights to improve performance, revenues and customer experience, no matter what size of business, or scale of data; all for one low, monthly cost. 

With a focus on delivering business value, we service customers across many sectors, including Media, Retail, Insurance, Logistics and FMCG. 

Below are some proven Big Data analytics and data science solutions at our customers.

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Zizo for Retail

Zizo have created a suite of solutions designed to drive improvements across all of a retailers operations. By enabling retailers of any size to benefit from cutting edge analytics, Zizo drives increased sales, improved margin and greater efficiencies.

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Zizo for Logistics

By taking advantage of their cutting edge technology, Zizo are able to offer best in class analytics to logistics organisations. With capabilities from full management reporting, down to activity based costing, Zizo deliver improved business performance and also acts as a driver for change.

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Zizo for Media

Zizo have created a solution to analyse the effectiveness of new content delivered by media organisations. By integrating social, web and programming data, better and more informed decisions drive the future of programming.

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Zizo for Insurance

Using deep dive analysis and granular level data, Zizo enables insurers to improve their understanding of the value of their portfolio, improving customer dialogues and increasing profits while reducing risk.