Zizo offer a range of big data analytics solutions for retail
off the shelf, or tailored to your business.

Want to know more about products & stores? Interested in
where to invest to get the most for your money? Keen to
find out who your best customers are? We can help!

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Providing sales by hour, by day, by region, by store type
enabling you to validate or challenge your staffing rotas.
Maximising sales and minimising staffing costs. Adding
valuable insights for your store opening strategy.

Store Optimisation

Provide sales information for every store, clustered
against stores within a pre-determined or calculated
peer group. Bring in product analysis, demographics
and customer segmentation to get a real understanding
of store performance. Enable you in the field teams
access to all the required information in a simple and
timely manner.

Seasonal Ranging

Bespoke seasonal phasing for Christmas, Easter, High
Summer. The application shows the product build on a 1,
2 or 3 year basis, enabling to see sales and markdown
when the hot weather came early or late.

Also shows you whether it lasted for only 2 or 4 weeks
enabling you to decide how much risk/opportunity you
would like to take on highly seasonal stock.

This has the effect of minimising markdown.


Built in our proprietary platform, our sales & stock
reporting solution provides self service capability with
zero deployment cost.

Provides in-depth sales analysis on all products from all
stores. Start working with a singular version of the truth,
giving you a view of the real performance of your
business, all driven by granular data. Use stock data to
further enhance your capabilities, improve performance
and increase margins.

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