Delivering value to one of the UK’s
leading parcel delivery firms.

Our client benefits from the full spectrum of our Analytics as Service, improving profitability, customer service and revenues – all delivered for one monthly fee.

To learn more about how our big data solutions can help get the best out of your logistics data, take a moment to view just some of the benefits below.

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Improved profitability

Our client can now analyse the profitability of each contract, helping them deliver over £250k savings in their first year of delivery.

Customer service

With the ability to see every track of every item over 2 years, our client is able to offer a quality of customer service which is second to none on the global delivery market.

Enhanced revenue

Being able to view the business from a commercial, financial and operational perspective through a single solution enables our client to drive revenue improvement across all areas of business.

Logistics Revenue

Integrate all our data across your business to gain a holistic understanding of performance. Enable anyone across the organisation to have their own view of the data, all delivered from the same data hub. Empower real business decision making to reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive profits.


Understand the precise cost of every product and/or service, down to an item level. See which products, customers or routes are making or losing
money. Create risk profiles for under performing clients, services or products. Enable yourself to become a profit centered business rather than a cost centered business.

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