Jun 1st 2017

Zizo & Misco Partnership

Zizo’s cloud-based data analytics is becoming an integral component of Misco’s new Workspace - Digital Transformation services, which incorporate: 

-               Workflow Transformation: streamlined digital business processes for improved employee experience & engagement.

-               Data Transformation: real-time access to powerful data insights enabling organisations to deliver customer-centric action.


Misco is the international provider of IT products, solutions and services, and delivers enterprise and public sector institutions with customer-centric, data-led digital transformation. Underpinning Misco’s Data Transformation service, will now be our technology platform – which incorporates patented database technology, open connectivity that allows organisations to leverage existing investments in tools and solutions, as well as data discovery and business intelligence analytics.


In addition, our business intelligence and big data analytics are available as a cloud-based service, making transformational insight available to organisations of any size in an agile and flexible manner.


In a progressively competitive commercial environment, organisations now recognise the need to put the customer at the heart of their business. In order to do so, it is becoming increasingly clear that sales or marketing-led initiatives alone are not sufficient. Customer-led decision-making must be enabled across and throughout the entire enterprise, which is why Misco is seeing a huge growth in digital transformation projects.


To achieve actual transformational insight, Misco’s clients need the expertise and resource to interrogate their data both in real-time and with an understanding of where most business value can be derived.


Misco has a great reputation and is a very well-established IT partner to enterprises and public sector organisations internationally. As the importance of the data they hold becomes ever more evident, the question is now how they unlock the value within it – and we have the answer!


If you would like to learn more, drop us a line via our contacts page.

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