Aug 15th 2017

Zizo & Intel 2017

Zizo continues to strengthen relationship with Intel


After announcing that Zizo had joined Intel’s Cloud Service Provider program, we’ve gone on a collaborative journey together, supporting Intel at a number of events and at the launches of its new processing technology.


Zizo’s technology is a unique type of patented database. It’s process intensive and a new kind of in-memory database that has been integrated onto the technology platforms that Intel has been developing. In a lot of ways, Zizo has become a test bed for Intel’s technology and how it works.


Running solely on Intel® Xeon® E7 processors, our big data analytics solution provides exceptional performance and scalability for real-time analytics, operating on multi-terabyte and even petabyte-scale datasets. With Intel’s leadership performance for in-memory analytics workloads, large memory capacity and advanced reliability features, these Intel Xeon-based servers provide an infrastructure that delivers accelerated time to insight efficiently and without interruption.


Earlier this year, Zizo, along with our customer Parcelforce joined Claus Bjoernsten, Director of Cloud Service Provider Sales at Intel as keynote speakers at Cloud Expo Europe, where together we spoke about Big Data Analytics and delivering BI as a service.


We also attended Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Summit and its Cloud Summit in Lisbon, where we took our place amongst Intel’s European Board of Advisors for Cloud.


July 11th saw Intel officially unveiled its Intel Xeon Scalable family of processors. The event took place in New York and was available to people worldwide through webcast. Zizo were proud to be among the major technology companies seeing major performance gains on the new Purley platform.


Zizo are also testing the latest advances in SSD technology, Optane, and we are also making further advances in looking at Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and utilizing the latest encryption solutions.


In addition to the above, cloud analytics is a really key standpoint for Intel and we’re really excited about our continued work together – watch this space, more is on the way!

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