Jun 13th 2017

Bloor - Zizo InDetail Report

Bloor lifts the lid on what it thinks of Zizo’s patterned database technology


Independent research and analyst company, Bloor, has issued its latest research paper, which looks at Zizo, its technology and its capabilities in great detail.


Author Philip Howard highlights how, with smaller companies or departments in larger companies not having big budgets, they simply cannot afford the cost of analytics, because of the complexity and expense.


Zizo provides analytics as a service with its solution is targeted at all classes and sizes of organisations. While on-premises deployments are possible, typical users employ Zizo within a managed cloud environment.


There are a lot of vendors in the business intelligence and analytics space(s). While there are fewer that offer these functions as a service rather than simply providing tools, there is still significant competition. How Zizo differentiates itself is twofold: firstly, it has its own database technology so you don’t have to worry about how or where to store your data. Secondly, there is a single environment (Pathway) that provides everything from initially extracting your data through to cleansing, transforming, filtering and joining your data (not necessarily in that order) to the final querying of your data and the presentation of the results.


Zizo, has been designed to support query processing against real-time data as well as historic data and is able to handle very large volumes of data.


At the hardware level, Zizo has partnerships with both Intel and Dell and these provide the backbone of Zizo’s solution. However, it is the database that is the secret sauce behind the company’s power. Additionally, Zizo is an IBM partner for Watson Analytics, with the company seeing Zizo as a road to cognitive analytic solutions.


Zizo does what it aims to do, that is, it genuinely does bring enterprise class analytics within the financial scope of much smaller organisations that cannot afford the big bucks traditionally associated with such capabilities. We are duly impressed.


To find out more about how Zizo works, download Bloor’s full paper here!

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